Rodante, The Celebrity Hairstylist

A visionary and incarnation of the American dream, Rodante Smith began his journey to create Rodante Beverly Hills for Men from humble beginnings. Born in 1962 to a family of impoverished sugar cane plantation workers in Canlubang, a small city in The Philippines, Rodante always believed in his entrepreneurial spirit to manifest prosperity where there seemingly was none. When his parents could not afford to send him or his 5 siblings to school, Rodante began selling candy made of coconut and sugar as well as recycling empty bottles to fund his education. Shortly after, Rodante overcame his insecurities from a lack of higher education to pursue his dreams to explore outside his home country.
In the early 1990’s he jumped at the opportunity to be a flight attendant for Qatar Airways. Travelling the world and opening his eyes to many different cultures, Rodante soon realized his relentless drive and creative passion had the greatest potential for success in the United States. After 9/11, Rodante quit his job at Qatar Airways and never looked back. Despite having no valid work visa and living on friends’ couches, Rodante did not quit. He enrolled at LASC community college in downtown LA and soon transferred to The Paul Mitchell school in Costa Mesa where he graduated with honors in haircutting. Using the advice from his mentors and confidence from clients who believed in his pursuit of the American dream, Rodante joined an elite group of hairstylists at the world-renowned Giuseppe Franco Hair Salon. His talent was quickly recognized, ranking #1 in all search engines for “Best Men’s Hairstylist in Beverly Hills”. For the next 13 years of Rodante worked with and gained the trust of many high-end celebrity clientele including Sylvester Stallone, Devon Sawa, Apolo Ohno and Charlie Puth. Rodante soon realized he wanted to share his valuable knowledge of quality hair care with the world. In June of 2017, Rodante started his own company and created the first set of haircare products under the Rodante Beverly Hills brand. A few months later, Rodante became an American citizen, completing another momentous milestone in his decades long pursuit of the American dream.

A modern day artist and celebrity hairstylist, Rodante is more than just an expert in the field of men’s style and grooming. With a solid understanding in everything about texture, volume and style for men’s hair, Rodante has used his passion for beauty, self-expression, and sensuality to develop an exhilarating line of premium quality men’s hairstyling products. From top-quality paste, tough wax, volumizing shampoos, smoothing serums, moisturizing conditioners, hard waxes, and much more, his hair products are formulated to help you look and feel your best every day and for every occasion. All of Rodante's styling products are infused with natural ingredients and formulated to the highest standards of modern day styling to help nourish and nurture your hair throughout the entire day and will never cause flaking, feel heavy, or leave an unnatural finish. They are also made travel friendly which means you can conveniently take them anywhere and everywhere. Rodante Beverly Hill’s premium luxury hair products are available for purchase in-store and on Amazon. For further questions and concerns, don’t hesitate to contact Rodante. If you’re in need of a personal hair consultation, book an appointment today to see the best men’s hair stylist in Beverly Hills. Rodante will undoubtedly exceed all of your hair expectations!

Rodante, the stylist in a bottle.