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Men Hairstyle Product Types You Should Know

Hair is mostly used to improve the aesthetic appearance of men. That’s the reason behind the large hair market niche. Allowing men to create various hairstyles that meet their vision. But, there are many products to choose from, making it a huge conundrum for anyone looking to look good.

Some of the various men hairstyling products include; clays, creams, waxes, pomades, fibers, and gels. Well, without an idea of what to use, your first thought would be shaving it off completely. Well, here is what you need to know about hair products, allowing you to choose the best option for your hair.

Of course, there are a few things you need to understand. Before rushing to the next hair store to get your products.

a) Products labeled shine will make your hair look glossy because they reflect light.

b) Any products labeled matte will not shine since they absorb light.

c) Consider the holding power of different hairstyling products for men. They can either be strong, low or medium hold so you need to choose smartly.

Various Types Of Men Hairstyling Products

1. Gel

It is the most common product for men hair styling. A lot of men have definitely used hair gel at one point or another in their lives. The product comes in various holding strengths including strong and light. Once you apply it on your hair, it will create an exceptional sculpt that will stay in place for the whole day. Using gel has a few after effects.

a) If you run your fingers through your hair when it’s already gelled. You will see some residue or flaking.

b) Your hair will start drying up. Suffering some damage because of the various types of alcohol many brands use in the product.

c) Any moisture in your hair and scalp will be completely stripped. Because of the chemicals found in gel causing itchiness and dandruff.

d) Your hair will become brittle with time and will start breaking.

e) Your hair will become frizzy thus becoming rough, dry, limp and hard for you to manage when it is natural.

f) Also, you will not have enough flexibility to style your hair for the rest of the day.

If you choose a strong-hold gel, you will create a stiff hairstyle. As an alternative, you can opt for a light-hold gel to make your hair more manageable and create waves. Gel always makes your hair shine.

2. Wax
Rodante Beverly Hills Inc.  hair wax
You can use hair wax to create various hairstyles such as a messy bed-head or a structured look. You can opt for a matte or shiny finish. Even better, you can use wax to create spikes or hold your hair down for an awesome groomed look. You can use wax if your hair tends to be wavy or completely straight. Yet, if you have curly hair, using wax might create clumps so it’s best to avoid it or use generous amounts.

hair styling products
Wax is often more pliable than gel allowing you to restyle your hair during the day. It will not harden with time and will create a shiny look. Wax men hairstyling products are quite like pomades but have a light hold. The shine can range from medium to high depending on the specific brand but don’t have a stronghold. You can use wax for hairstyles that use a comb such as a pompadour, classic side part or duck tails.

3. Pomades

Manufactures produce hair pomades from a mineral oil. Always make your hair look neat and slick. Pomades are perfect for any hairstyles using a comb. They don’t make your hair dry, crunchy or hard, unlike gel hairstyling products. We can categorize them into the following.

a) Oil-based ?" They are manufactured from petroleum or grease. As such they are cheaper than the water-based counterparts. Note that, the washout pomades that are oil-based. Will remove the natural oils from your hair thus it will become unhealthy. Additionally, they can create unwanted buildup, acne. Since they clog the pores in your scalp.

b) Water-based ?" They deliver the same results with the oil-based pomades. With regards to shine and hold. Thus, you can wash them out easily using water. Their hold might not be as strong as that provided by the oil-based options. But they bring about flexibility allowing you to restyle your hair any time during the day.

Pomades have much more cream than that found in waxes so they are the best for curly or thick hair. The hold might be hard or medium and the products are often used for chunking (grouping). Defining or slicking any type of hair, whether straight or wavy.

4. Clay

It is a stickier product than pomade and is often used to create a firmer hold. Using clay on your hair will make it appear fuller since it adds body and thickness to each strand. It has a lightweight formula allowing to be absorbed in the hair without leaving a residue. You can use clay products to add volume to your hair without it being weighed down. Some of the benefits of using clay products for your hair include the following.
hair styling product-Men's clay
a) The clay will remove any dirt and impurities in your hair. Without removing the natural oils present.

b) It will bring more nourishment to the scalp and hair since it contains a lot of minerals and nutrients.

c) It will maintain and control frizzy hair so it’s useful for men with long or curly hair.

The clay provides a texture that might range from semi-matte to full-matte. Creating a medium or high hold depending on your styling options.

5. Paste
hair paste for men by Rodante Beverly Hills
Compared to pomades hair pastes have a generally thicker consistency. They are the most versatile products for men’s hair and you can use to create any hairstyle possible. You are limited by your imagination. They are water-based so you can wash them out almost without an effort. When applying it, you should rub it between your palms to soften it. That way, you can count on even distribution in your hair.

Once you have finished styling your hair. The products start cooling down. Thickening creating the hold your hair needs for the rest of the day. Using hair paste will create flexibility and separation as well as adding texture and volume. However, for the last two benefits, you need to apply before blow-drying your hair. The paste will create a firm or medium hold and often leaves some shine.

6. Cream

Are you looking for a product that adds some control and natural shine to your hair? Well, you should consider using hair creams. We use creams on curly, coarse or thick hair. They also contain the most moisturizing ingredients. Such as silk amino acids and natural oils. Creams will make your hair stronger and provide flexibility. Additionally,I use it to tame the fly-away hair strands without leaving the stiffness. Nor greasy residue whereas other gels and wax do.

There’s no hold in hair cream but it acts as a conditioner that gives you the bed-hair look. Especially if you have thick hair. You can use it to make your hair less frizzy and add some fluff to curly, frizzy or coarse hair. People with thinning hair can use the creams sparingly. They are primarily used before styling your hair. Since they bring shine, separation, and substance.

7. Mousse

There are few men who actually use hair mousse. Most people shy away from it because it associates with the 80’s hairstyles. When used, it creates a light hold and will add shine as well as some volume to your hair. It is foamy in nature and surrounds the hair structures with polymers. That creates a fuller appearance.

Regardless of whether or not you are looking to recreate a thick look for your hair or not. You can use some mousse products to make your hair thick. That’s because these products contain rosemary, rice protein. Thus, creating foliage for hair that might be starting to thin on the top. You should apply mousse at the roots then blow dry going outwards. That way, you can create massive volume in a natural way.

Using the product this way works great for different types of hair. If you run your hands through your hair when you have applied mousse. There will be no flaking or residue left unlike using hair gel. You can use mousse to create the initial volume. Then add another product like paste to define, to reshape. The hairstyle to your requirements.

8. Hair Serum

It is also referred to as smoothing fluid, polish or gloss. Hair serum makes your hair slick. We use it at the hair salon in Beverly Hills to remove frizzy as well as create the silkiness or sheen. It contains silicone and various types of oils for the best results. You can use a serum on curly, long or brittle hair since it has a coating quality that makes the hair soft.

Blow me hair serum by RodanteTo create a quick shine, you should add a few drops of the serum on wet hair. After shampooing then rinse it out immediately. If you have longer hair, you can use the product to control and manage the frizz or the flyaway hair. That’s because it moisturizes it creating the silky smooth texture desired.

A few men might avoid using hair serum because of the application process. But, you can create fast and shiny finish once you apply it after towel drying your hair.

9. Hairspray

Hairspray is always reminders of the older days, especially the 80’s. By spritzing some hairspray, you will create a protective net on your hair to keep set when there is a lot of humidity. Even better, you can use it when riding in convertibles to keep your hair in place. You can either use the hairspray on its own or add any other hair products such as pomade or hair paste.

You can also spray it on the outer layer of your hair to keep the hairstyle in place. Also, spray it on the roots to coat your hair and lift it up to the design. Hair sprays always come in aerosol cans or bottles with pump sprayers. We use the hairspray often on women, but men are in the minority using this product.Best hair styling spray by Rodante

You can choose hair sprays with flexible hold since they stay in place for a while. It can be used for those with longer hairstyles. They will provide enough control to reduce any frizzing but allow you to move it whenever you need to. There are also the medium hold options with a stronger hold that are often used sparingly. Especially if you still need some movement. They are perfect for anyone looking to create a hairstyle that needs volume. Not creating stiff hair.

Finally, there’s the strong-hold option. That keeps every strand of your hair in the same place for the whole day. You can always consider this option than other restyling products. That don’t set your hair in place for longer periods. Note that, your hair will still have the same texture and definition only it will be set in the same place for a long time.

Before buying any specific hairspray. You need to remember that some brands need washing with clarifying shampoo. In order to remove any residues left behind. So, read the instructions paying heed before spraying your hair. That will make sure that washing it out at the end of the day will not be a huge issue.

10. Texture Powder

Many men might not know what texture powder might be or what it can do for their hair. When used, it creates a lightweight hold. But will increase the volume of your hair accordingly. Texture powder is mostly used as a pre-styling product. Before using paste or pomade for the best results.

The products contain a silica silylate base which is a rough substance. Compared to other hair products that are silicon-based making them shiny and smooth. The roughness will stick to the fibers of your hair. Thus, creating the volume desired by increasing the friction present.

Texture powders contain certain chemicals that will absorb any excess oils. That is found in your hair creating more volume. You can apply it to the roots of your hair using your fingers to create the best separation. Even so, if you apply to the ends of your hair. You can create a different effect altogether. Note that, your hair will not be soft unlike other hair products mentioned above, rather it will be a bit stiff. If you use it sparingly, your hair will blend in an attractive appearance. If you use too much, it will accumulate at the hair roots.

In conclusion, choosing the right type of hair product to use depends on the texture of your hair. As well as its length. Do you have short hair that you want to stand up? You can always opt for waxes or gels. Conversely, if you have longer hair, you have more options open to you. Specifically, if you are looking for a fuller look.

If possible, stay away from the heavier products such as creams or oil-based pomades. Especially if your hair is thinning. That’s because they will weigh it down creating a less than the desired look. Again, rather than slapping product straight into your hair. You should run a small amount on your palms then apply it on your hair starting from the back to the front.

Always read the ingredients on any hair products before buying to make sure it is the right one for your hair. Also, make sure that you buy the right accompaniments. Such as shampoos or conditioners. If the products must cooperate for the best results with paired products. Always read the instructions or directions for use. Before applying the products on your hair too.

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